3 days of last week

As you guys may notice that my whole school had a 3 days trip to Da Lat!!! Mostly everyone were going to Da lAt, because it quiet a fun trip for students of this year. Well, but some of us didn’t want to go, so we just hang out at school. Include me, my mother didn’t allow me to go on a trip alone with friends or teachers. I don’t really know why, but it was fun for me to hang around the school with only 4 other students. The school for the first time, had only 5 students from grade 6- 8 study together as one class. It kind of funny for me, that even I’m older than someof them. But I kind of like one of them in that time. I got a better chance to work together not phycial like during Da Lat trip, but like we supported each other out. Because there were some problems that maybe the higher grade already study that, so they can taught other younger students about it.  lunch, we divided each other equally to played basketball. I still love that basketball game that we were play.  I didn’t realize that the school be so quiet when just had 5 of us. I never thought about how empty this new school will be.  I kind of missed other guy, but somehow I felt really fun to be with other guy!!! I wish the time should be more longer to learn more about each other. Anyhow, enjoy your time when you are in the small group that different ages, you can learn something new about them!!! 🙂

And here is some pictures that they went on Da Lat trip and this is the first trip of our first school year at this new school, The American School of Viet Nam! Hope you guy enjoy when watch this video!!!

First year of TAS on PhotoPeach

Blog Review!!!!

Summer is coming and it is time for “Blog Review”!!! Well, maybe for some of you who love blog then it is the time for you to shine for the last minutes 🙂 Otherwise, then you just probably wirte and post it, then you are free from your blogs. I think that writing blog is quite fun activity to do everyday, like in my freetime, I can choose to write a blog about myself and my personal life. I think that it is awesome, because I can share and tell how I feel to this world, to this one big community that I never get a chance to do before. Somehow, I also glad that the blog challenge is almost end, and I can enjoy myself like watching online movies, listen to musics, chating with friends, etc. But I will sometimes, write blogs about my day, it just be like my dairy in this summer. Anyways, back to the topic, for my review, I want to share with you guys what blog challenges that I think were interesting and useful.

The challenge was most useful is that the challenges for week 2. Myself never thought that such thing like technology, can’t follow or somehow like spying on me. I didn’t even notice that there are different kind of websites that I went, I left my footprint there by filling in my profile and my accounts. I never knew about this until the challenge 2 told me go on to google and search for my own name like account. I really surprised that how this kind of technology knew about my Facebook, my accounts in different area of games, etc. I think that it something that is really useful and fun for me to notice or learn about.

Secondly is which challenge that was interresting for me. Somehow, it probably the challenge week 8, because I’m just 13 girl, and you guys think that it is normal girl. Well, actually I am. I hae no option about that, but somehow, friends who study with me think that it is might be werid for me as a girl to enjoy pokemon. I don’t really seem why it is weird for girls to play pokemon. For me, I think that pokemon is a game that is kindly fun to fun with. And for some pokemon figures, I think that they are somehow cute for me. It doesn’t matter what my two big brothers said about me like about this stuffs are for children or boys. I don’t even care about it. I just want to do what I want. That’s why I feel like the challenge of week 8 somehow be interesting for me to mention about my hobby. I want to share some of my thing hope that you guys can learn something about me, and myself can learn something about you guys, too!!! 🙂

The Sneetches!!!

Well, “The Sneetches” is the video of Dr.Seuss and our class got the chances to watch this coll and awesome video. It is 12 minutes along. And it quite to watch it.  For social studies, we noticed that there were racism between black and white, or aything that create a big grap in this world. The way of these people in the old time, somehow today, we don’t think like that anymore. We are now more smart and study more into how their own way of thinking might create a negative way of thinking that will affect on their children. Just like in video, it tell us that the sneetches with the star always think that themselves are better than other sneetches who don’t have any star. These creatures call ‘sneetches’ are probably show or foreshadowing a person who always think that they are better than other. And then these sneetches began to change, they gave a lot of money, to change who they really are. Because the sneetches without stars didn’t want to be left out, but they wanted to join the sneetches with star. The sneetches with star think that they are the best and always better than the sneetches without star, so they treat them like a stranger.  That’s actually upset the sneetches without star. So then they met a man who said that he can turn them into “sneetches with star”. Of course, when hear that, you might also want to have some fun like the sneetches with star, so do these sneetches. So they pay their money, and get a star. Everything didn’t stop there, the sneetches with star become hate their own star, so they also change in the sneetch without any stars. So they just keep went on and on with the changing. After this happen, they learn something that, there is no such thing like the sneetches with star better than the sneetches without star. They became friend and learn their lesson after that.

I think this video will change in other way beside it that, they became to hate each other, just because the way of thinking and the way they look. I think this is might the negative way of these sneetches thinking about that. But not really. Every voice came together, itself can create something actually really big to make this world to listen. Voice is what we telling each other. But once these come together, it become a powerful thing that can change this world around. Someone be exclued, for them, I think that they believe in one day, one day will come and change this whole world the way of thinking about power, right, justic, etc. around to make it fair enough between human kind.

So here is video, sit back and enjoy yourself with these video!!!

The Sneetches

Wait for you, my friend

Why should I wait?

What I’m waiting for?


I don’t really know

Know the reason why I just keep wait for you

Wait the day you actually come back

The day you return

Return with your smile on your face,

To show me that,

You as a friend I knew before

Had return to be who you really are

But will that day come ?

Or it is something that I wish for ?

I don’t understand myself

What will happen if I continue to believe,

To wish for,

To waiting for?

Can’t you be yourself again,

A person who I knew since from childhood,

A person who I see as a brother,

A person who always there to protect me

I hope that one day

Soon enough,

To see you again,

See you as a friend who I really trust and care about

Will I continue writing blog this summer?!?!


I can say that this is the most interesting question that I ever receive that ask about my summer plan. Actually, I had already planning thing for my summer trip, because this summer, I don’t really have to take my summer school. So I will go to Malaysia with my mother. My aunt lives there by her own, of course with her husband, but he always goes to work. She invites us over, because she is so lonely. I mean like I really love my aunt, she is a really nice and fantastic woman. In my family, she is the only female that always goes to work and keep everything organize in my house. So I guess I will stay at her house in Malaysia for 1 months. I like to hang out with her to the beach, to the mountains, to the field. I miss her, and I want to make sure that she made the right decision to chosen who will be with her until the rest of this life. Something else that you guys might be like surprised about me. That even a girl, but I really get myself stick to my laptop. I don’t know the reason why I can’t get myself away from my laptop for just one day. Getting away from my laptop, I just feel like I can’t feel comfortable with myself, I feel like myself missing something about myself. So I think the answer to that question, maybe I will continue writing blogs this summer. I’m the type of person who like sharing thing through Internet better than talking to people about it. I like to express myself on something, on something that people around the world, not only in Viet Nam, that they can both read about, and understand it. A lot of times, I can’t really talk to people around me about my life, my personal thing, etc. I feel really nervous, because those eyes just look at one point and they want to listen about what I’m going to say. But it totally different with blogs, I can’t see what are these people’s eyes looking at me. So I don’t feel nervous and I can say whatever I like to share with them. That will be the same like my summer trip to Malaysia. I want to share with you guys as visitors to my blog, how I really feel about my aunt, and how I actually feel happy and joyful for her. I want you guys to enjoy to be with someone you love in your family and spend time with them, if you still have the time to beside them. I promise that I will share some photos and some interesting things about my Malaysia trip in this summer!!! 🙂

Audit friend’s blog!!!

Well, the impression when I looked at May, or another name is Rotring, that her way of choosing the theme and set things up, I feel really interesting into it. I can say that she also have the eyes of art.  She is pretty good at art, stuffs like decorate or even drawing. She knows where to put it that can fit in people eyes well. And so like in this blog site, the thing that capture me attention is the pictures slide on top. They look so simple but they present, as themselves a topic. For me, there is nothing much distract me. Nothing really, because her blog site is simple and easy for everyone notice what are they looking for. Easy to find there way to the blog that they are looking for or the blog that they might feel interesting in. The only suggestion that I want to make on May’s blog, is that she need to put in some more widgets that might get everyone’s attention easier. I can see that she already has some, but it is hard to see, because the size of these widgets are too big to fit in the board. So I think that she might pay a little more attention to the size of widgets that she wants to put in!!! Here is her link, you can visit and get more information about it, http://maynguyen.edublogs.org/ 🙂

P.S (to May) Don’t be mad at me if I write like this and suggestion you something okay?!?! >”<

Audit my blog ?!?! >”<

So far so long, myself has write 31 posts about the challenges and also about my life outside. Whether I wirte a post, I always want to share some of my personal in life to make my blog site seems more interesting to you guys. In those 31 posts, I had written 7 posts about my personal life and my personal feeling. And so that will left out 24 posts for challenge of March 2011. I do get many visitors but however, I just have only 27 comments that my oversea friends, my classmates and teachers. At first, I might be a little bit sad, but I still happy because there are a lot of visitors who stop by and enjoy my blog. It seems a lot for me, because I just learn how to write blogs and share it with one big community around the world like this. I really enjoy it!!! 🙂

While I follow that challenges, I figure out that I get a lot of chances to meet, read and get to be friends with some of you around the world. I have 6 of oversea friends. They are really nice, friendly and fun to stop by and read about their blogs. I really like them, even thought I don’t really talk with them face to face, just through Internet, but I seems really like it. They are all  wonderful blogger and having a lot of awesome stuffs to read about. And I also hope that I can even make more friends with other students who study around the world. So I can have my own experiments about this whole big world.

The blog that I really enjoy and put my effort into it, I can say that the post name, “I’m just a normal girl”. While writing this post, I just thought that maybe some of you think that it is seems weird for me to write about it. Actually it is not, I just want to make up some interesting title to make my post easy capture your attention. Well, for some of you don’t read about it yet, I guess I have to summary what the meaning of this post. As you guys may know as visitors, I write this post in a form of free write, something like poem, but it not really. This post is just explain how I want to be normal, just have normal life, I don’t like to ask for something like fantasy that will happen in my life. I just be myself whether I at home or not. Sometimes I not going to be myself when I hang out with my friends or going out for something. But slowly I get to learn that out there, that is not the person who I want other people to think I am. I want them to think about who normal, the same in some way but also different or unique to some girls that are same age and around me.  And I just want to said that how normal I can be or  I want to be in other people mind.

Well, the post that I recieve that most comments about is that my, “About Me!!!”. I don’t really figure why, but somehow, whether people read about my post, they just encourge me to be brave and keep on following my dream to be a fashion desginer. And they also give me some advices for me to be closer to my dad. Because we don’t really talk much to each other, and we also don’t share stuffs since I was small. Everyone who just come and comments on this post, they always support me with many advices that I should follow my dream to be a fashion designer and also hope that my relationship with my dad get better. I really really happy about this! There are so many people around this world that I don’t know about, but they always there, there to support me with all of this advices and all of this hopes. I really appreciated it. It already mean a lot of me to create my own blog site, and also now it much more. All of this advices and hopes, mean so much for me. 🙂

I want to make my blog site looks more interesting to you guys, so sometimes, I just sit back and try on different themes. For the first few days, I always change my blog themes. Somehow at first I liked this theme, but on the next day, I don’t really like it anymore, so I just keep changing it. But then I stop, it turn out that I choose the theme that have color black and white. Still, in the way of art, I like black and white better than orange.  That will be the same reason why I choose this theme is my final theme. About the widgets, I think that somehow it is a little bit too much. But I don’t want to change it. I don’t like my blog site look empty and boring. I want to make the blog site fit to my own personal characterizer.  Putting widgets in, I just want to show what are my hobbies and stuffs that I like!!! 🙂

My own feeling… for you…


All I can do for you…

As a friend… but also as a person that I like…

I only can give you advices… I can’t really understand my own feeling…

Maybe I’m not brave like you think I am… I just try to be brave outside…

But I know that I can’t change the matter… The matter is that I’m still a weak little girl…

You may treat me like a friend… like your little sister…

But I treat you in different ways… Sometimes like a big brother… like a friend… or sometimes like a person who I really care about…

It just like… You always be yourself and know your own feeling…

I’m so opposite with you… I can’t be myself when you there… And I don’t know what kind of feeling between you and me…

That’s why I’m not brave enough like you think I am…

When I see you laugh at other girls, I feel like I so leave out… I just want to disappear right at that moments….

I feel hurt inside… feel pain… but I don’t want to show…

I want myself to feel it only… not you… because I don’t like to hurt someone that I really care…

So don’t be sad… just because sometimes… I just want to ignore you…

Don’t let down yourself… whether you see me cry…

Don’t hate yourself… when I say that, “I hate you!!!”…

Don’t be someone else… if you see me hang out with other guys…

I just you to be yourself… be true to your own feeling… So I can also be someone you might know before… As a friend… As one family… And also as someone that both of us know about each other…



For some of you guys might don’t think that even for a girl like me, I really like Pokemon and play some games about it online. I know it is strange for a girl to play something that usually use for boys. Actually at the first time I hear about this, I also thought that this is just another stupid things that my brothers and his friends might play with again. But after a few times, I saw them played. I didn’t figure out why it is fun and why should they laughed at it? However I did try on it one time, and began from that I really enpjoy this game. Even thought I want to stop playing it for sometimes, but I actually can’t.  The game just want me to keep on playing it, just like myself attach to it. My brother always complains that, “This is the worst idea ever, I really never think about how you always attach to that game!!!” It is really funny when how my brothers began to think that this game is spam and it only for children to play, and at that right time, I began myself to like and enjoy this game. I can’t believe myself that before, I always thought how spam this game was and now it turned out to be my own brothers thought about it

There are different type of game for Pokemon, you guys can play cards or something that Pokemon fighting online. However, you guys must know how to play or control in order to play the games. I mean like all games about Pokemon not one maybe. It happened to me when I first join the game. I had to take lessons and get use to my skills, and stuffs to be ready. When I fight as a Pokemon, I choose which attack strong enough to hit the enemies and get victory. I just want to say that, “Just have fun and enjoy your game! It doesn’t matter if you win or lose!” I do lose sometime, but at the time I lose, I figure out that I can learn what I did wrong or maybe I didn’t choose the right one to fight with.  But I still do have a lot of fun!!! Here some links that I found about Pokemon, maybe you guys can come and visit it!!!




I’m not brave enough…

Secret love

Always want to keep that secret inside,

Inside my own heart,

A feeling for someone,

So hard to tell,

To tell how I really feel whether he looks at me,

Or to tell how I feel about his own personal,

I can say that he kindly funny,

Nice sometimes maybe,

I don’t really talk to him much,

But I know that,

Somewhere behind that cold/ cool person,

He is a friendly person,

What should I do?

How can I tell him my own feeling?

I’m not brave enough,

Not brave enough to tell,

Just scared that he doesn’t even like me back,

So hard to tell 🙁