Welcome to Viet Nam!!!

I want to recommed that you guys who live outside of my country, Viet Nam should try to visit the place where I am live right now. It is not really big like China or technology good like Japan and stuff. But there are something that in Viet Nam that you guys never get a change to vistit or see it with your own eyes. You may hear of it but you may not get to see it. Where I am living right now is Ho Chi Minh, it is located on the southern of Viet Nam. It kindly the center of the south.  There are some popular places that you guys might want to stop and look at it.

In Ho Chi Minh, we have such a historical places like Reunification Palace, is the place where you can come and learn about Viet Nam History.

If you are a person who loves music and art, you should stop by and visit Municipal Theatre, in other name it is “Saigon Opera House”. This opera is very big and really beautiful outside but also inside. You might be surprised by the textures that been decorated in this old opera.

There is a place that call “Church”, which builded by the French people once came to Viet Nam. This church is the most oldest church in Viet Nam. It has many beautiful and old textures inside it. This church is “Notre Dame Cathedral”.

I bet that whether you guys go on vacation, you guys always want to buy stuff so that you guys can remember that place, it is the same for Viet Nam. We have many beautiful things that you can choose to buy at our most biggest market, “Ben Thanh Market”. “Ben Thanh Market” is the market that you can go and buy stuff like ao dai, which is one of Viet Nam symbol for women. Or you can choose to buy stuff by hand-make of Vietnamese people.

Beside these popular places, you can also travel different part of Viet Nam to learn new stuff about our people. You can travel to Hue, in the middle, and try out some yummy foods there. And for Ha Noi, in the north, you can visit Den Hung, Ho Guom, etc. to get a change to learn more about our people and our history. You might feel intersting in our culure and our language. You can try and learn how to speak vietnamese. Trust me, at first it might like rock in your mouth, but later on, you just find it just like piece of cake.

Let’s me give you an example, in English when we meet, you always say, “hello” but in vietnamese, we will says, “Xin chao”. Come and visit Viet Nam, I believe that you guys will love it. 🙂