3 days of last week

As you guys may notice that my whole school had a 3 days trip to Da Lat!!! Mostly everyone were going to Da lAt, because it quiet a fun trip for students of this year. Well, but some of us didn’t want to go, so we just hang out at school. Include me, my mother didn’t allow me to go on a trip alone with friends or teachers. I don’t really know why, but it was fun for me to hang around the school with only 4 other students. The school for the first time, had only 5 students from grade 6- 8 study together as one class. It kind of funny for me, that even I’m older than someof them. But I kind of like one of them in that time. I got a better chance to work together not phycial like during Da Lat trip, but like we supported each other out. Because there were some problems that maybe the higher grade already study that, so they can taught other younger students about it.  lunch, we divided each other equally to played basketball. I still love that basketball game that we were play.  I didn’t realize that the school be so quiet when just had 5 of us. I never thought about how empty this new school will be.  I kind of missed other guy, but somehow I felt really fun to be with other guy!!! I wish the time should be more longer to learn more about each other. Anyhow, enjoy your time when you are in the small group that different ages, you can learn something new about them!!! 🙂

And here is some pictures that they went on Da Lat trip and this is the first trip of our first school year at this new school, The American School of Viet Nam! Hope you guy enjoy when watch this video!!!

First year of TAS on PhotoPeach

The Sneetches!!!

Well, “The Sneetches” is the video of Dr.Seuss and our class got the chances to watch this coll and awesome video. It is 12 minutes along. And it quite to watch it.  For social studies, we noticed that there were racism between black and white, or aything that create a big grap in this world. The way of these people in the old time, somehow today, we don’t think like that anymore. We are now more smart and study more into how their own way of thinking might create a negative way of thinking that will affect on their children. Just like in video, it tell us that the sneetches with the star always think that themselves are better than other sneetches who don’t have any star. These creatures call ‘sneetches’ are probably show or foreshadowing a person who always think that they are better than other. And then these sneetches began to change, they gave a lot of money, to change who they really are. Because the sneetches without stars didn’t want to be left out, but they wanted to join the sneetches with star. The sneetches with star think that they are the best and always better than the sneetches without star, so they treat them like a stranger.  That’s actually upset the sneetches without star. So then they met a man who said that he can turn them into “sneetches with star”. Of course, when hear that, you might also want to have some fun like the sneetches with star, so do these sneetches. So they pay their money, and get a star. Everything didn’t stop there, the sneetches with star become hate their own star, so they also change in the sneetch without any stars. So they just keep went on and on with the changing. After this happen, they learn something that, there is no such thing like the sneetches with star better than the sneetches without star. They became friend and learn their lesson after that.

I think this video will change in other way beside it that, they became to hate each other, just because the way of thinking and the way they look. I think this is might the negative way of these sneetches thinking about that. But not really. Every voice came together, itself can create something actually really big to make this world to listen. Voice is what we telling each other. But once these come together, it become a powerful thing that can change this world around. Someone be exclued, for them, I think that they believe in one day, one day will come and change this whole world the way of thinking about power, right, justic, etc. around to make it fair enough between human kind.

So here is video, sit back and enjoy yourself with these video!!!

The Sneetches

Wait for you, my friend

Why should I wait?

What I’m waiting for?


I don’t really know

Know the reason why I just keep wait for you

Wait the day you actually come back

The day you return

Return with your smile on your face,

To show me that,

You as a friend I knew before

Had return to be who you really are

But will that day come ?

Or it is something that I wish for ?

I don’t understand myself

What will happen if I continue to believe,

To wish for,

To waiting for?

Can’t you be yourself again,

A person who I knew since from childhood,

A person who I see as a brother,

A person who always there to protect me

I hope that one day

Soon enough,

To see you again,

See you as a friend who I really trust and care about

My own feeling… for you…


All I can do for you…

As a friend… but also as a person that I like…

I only can give you advices… I can’t really understand my own feeling…

Maybe I’m not brave like you think I am… I just try to be brave outside…

But I know that I can’t change the matter… The matter is that I’m still a weak little girl…

You may treat me like a friend… like your little sister…

But I treat you in different ways… Sometimes like a big brother… like a friend… or sometimes like a person who I really care about…

It just like… You always be yourself and know your own feeling…

I’m so opposite with you… I can’t be myself when you there… And I don’t know what kind of feeling between you and me…

That’s why I’m not brave enough like you think I am…

When I see you laugh at other girls, I feel like I so leave out… I just want to disappear right at that moments….

I feel hurt inside… feel pain… but I don’t want to show…

I want myself to feel it only… not you… because I don’t like to hurt someone that I really care…

So don’t be sad… just because sometimes… I just want to ignore you…

Don’t let down yourself… whether you see me cry…

Don’t hate yourself… when I say that, “I hate you!!!”…

Don’t be someone else… if you see me hang out with other guys…

I just you to be yourself… be true to your own feeling… So I can also be someone you might know before… As a friend… As one family… And also as someone that both of us know about each other…

I’m not brave enough…

Secret love

Always want to keep that secret inside,

Inside my own heart,

A feeling for someone,

So hard to tell,

To tell how I really feel whether he looks at me,

Or to tell how I feel about his own personal,

I can say that he kindly funny,

Nice sometimes maybe,

I don’t really talk to him much,

But I know that,

Somewhere behind that cold/ cool person,

He is a friendly person,

What should I do?

How can I tell him my own feeling?

I’m not brave enough,

Not brave enough to tell,

Just scared that he doesn’t even like me back,

So hard to tell 🙁

I’m just a normal girl

I’m just a normal girl
Like other girls around me
Listen to music
Play sports
Hang out with friends
I’m just normal
But why
Everyone think that I’m cool just the way I wear my cloths
Sometimes sweet
But sometimes I also mean
Never hide my feeling
Always say stuff that mak people smile
Get along well with friend
Fair play between boys and girls
Do thing that make people cheer up
I’m just nornal and sweet
I’m not cool like u guys think I am
I never want to be famous like singer or any of those famous people
I always look up to someone, but I don’t like people look up to me
Myself is not perfect, but it is normal
One last thing, I’m just a normal girl


I’m just a normal girl

Like other girls around me

Listen to music

Play sports

Hang out with friends

I’m just normal

But why

Everyone think that I’m cool just the way I wear my cloths

Sometimes sweet

But sometimes I also mean

Never hide my feeling

Always say stuff that mak people smile

Get along well with friend

Fair play between boys and girls

Do thing that make people cheer up

I’m just nornal and sweet

I’m not cool like u guys think I am

I never want to be famous like singer or any of those famous people

I always look up to someone, but I don’t like people look up to me

Myself is not perfect, but it is normal

Just a normal girl

My Grade 8 Friends

At my school, probably, I do have many friends from different grade. But friends who I most close to is my grade 8 friends. Because this is the first year of my school, so in grade 8, we only have 10 students. Well, actually was 11 students, but during half school year, one student had to move away, so now, it left only 10 students. We do fight a lot, but we also do help each other. So in grade 8, each person has their own unique way in class. That’s why it make our grade different than other. So let’s begin!!!

The first one is Tracy Khương, she is one of the best school in our school. She works hard and always help each other. Sometimes she pretty shy but she is a very good person inside. She is my friend from last year, but we don’t really talk must until now. She like cat mostly. You can read more about her at her blog site, http://hkhuong2015.edublogs.org/.

I forgot to tell you guys that in our class, we have twins, they not really look alike each other right now. But the first time I met them in grade 5, I can’t really told who is who, they looked almost the same. So I talk about Weyshan first.

Weyshan Yung is also one of my friend from old school. I knew her since grade 5. Sometimes, she maybe too serious, but I don’t think she is a mean person. I do like her. Weyshan also a very funny person and she is good at dancing. She really love children. Here is her blog site, http://shanyung2015.edublogs.org/.

Weyshin Yung is twin with Weyshan, just like Weyshan, I also knew Weyshin from grade 5. In grade 5, I didn’t get to know much about her. But since this school year, I do know more about herself. Weyshin is funny and also good at dancing like Weyshan. Here is her blog site, http://shinyung2015.edublogs.org/.
(P.S Weyshan and Weyshin know a lot about style and fashion!!!)

Another best student in our school also in class, Diwa Mitchell . She not come from Viet Nam, but she can speak and understand Vietnamese well. Diwa is a kind student, she always help other whether they need help. In class, she always try to make funny face or voice to make everyone laugh. 🙂 Oops!!1 Forgot, here is her blog site, http://dmitchell2015.edublogs.org/

May Nguyen, you can call her by other name, “Rotring”. She has a beautiful way of drawing and decorating stuff. She is one of the best artist in our class. She is the most day-dreaming girl in our class, too. Sometimes, the boys call her by the name, “Raccoon”. It is pretty cute to me, because of that name, it start to bring everyone tight to each other. This is her blog site, http://maynguyen.edublogs.org/

We have 6 girls in our class, including me, if you want to find out more information about me, you just need to visit my post, “About me!!!” 🙂 This is the boys now, we have 4 of them in class. They not really thing like other boys, they all really kind, gentle, and funny. They don’t really make the girls angry or sad.

One of friend in grade 5, he also the son of the owner of my school. His name is Keith Nguyen, he was born in Viet Nam, but he lived in America when he young. He love basketball and soccer, plus swimming. He really his little turtle stuff, “Fatty”( I think it is the name for the turtle) Visit his site, http://knguyen2015.edublogs.org/

Keith’s best friend is Khanh Nguyen, some of you guys might already visit his blog site. But still, I count him as one of my friend, so I will talk about it. 🙂 Khanh is the youngest in grade 8. He really like to make fun of people, but not at the mean way, but at a kind and funny way to make people laugh. You can’t really stay mad at him. No for real, i never stay mad at him. He is a very good swimmer and fast runner.
(This is his site, http://kbnguyen2015.edublogs.org/ )

Another funny boy in our class, is Duy Lam. He comes from Viet Nam and know a lot of things about it. If you want, you can somehow visit his site and ask him stuff, I bet that he will answers. His favorite sport is soccer, but I see that he also pretty good at other sports like swimming, running, basketball. Sometimes he really mean, but he not really a mean person. 🙂 His blog site, http://dlam2015.edublogs.org/

Lastly is Jack Hoang, he is a quite boy in our class, for the girl mostly. But he somehow really friendly to me sometimes and making joke about other stuff. This is his first year at international school. So he is pretty new to everything, but he does get along well with other boys in this school. He also loves soccer like Duy, he can’t really play for the school soccer team, because of his dad not allows him. I hope to see him standing on the soccer field, play for our school, The American School Of Viet Nam(TAS). Oh’ this is his site, http://thoang2015.edublogs.org/
(Hope to see you on the field and play for our school, Jack)

Now, you guys know about my classmate, they’re really good, kind and funny. I can say this is my best school year at the first year of this school, The American School of Viet Nam. Almost end of school year, when look back, I can’t believe that through time, we had go over many stuff together, stuff like orphans, charity, field trip, etc. There are many wonderful memories about them, my very good classmate for grade 8!!! 🙂

Hope…in silent…


Can’t tell by just looking at that person…

You can’t really tell how that person feel…

Or what they think…

You can just tell by their eyes…

Their thought in their eyes…

I can’t really tell or feel…

How Japanese people feel about all the disasters…

That’s keep coming to them…

All I know…

Their sadness, their pain, their tears, their hope…

By looking at pictures…

Everything look normal around them…

But deep inside those eyes…

It is sadness, pain…

What can I do to help this people?…

People who already lost so many thing…

Lost everything that are important to them…

They already giving so much for us…

And now…

We should give them something back…



I’m so little compare to those people around me…

One thing that I can do…

Fold a thousand cranes…

And hope in silent…

Hope for God can bring back their happiness…

Something that can make them to believe in life…

Just once more time….

So simple…

But it would make a lot of meaning for Japanese people…

Fold one thousand cranes

1.000 colorful cranes

This all happen when I want to make my friend wish come true

A special friend that I always care about

We just like brother and sister those day of childhood

But time change

We both growing up

Now the two of us get less time to meet each other

But we are still best friend

One day

He tells me his wish

His wish is that to see me fold one thousand crane

One thousand crane

My favorite story

When I was small

We use to read this story with each other

He is the person who teach me how to fold a crane

I still remember those days

Those days being with him

And together we fold one thousand cranes

Things are changing

He has to move home

That’s day

I not even stop crying in my room

The last day he spend with me

He asks me to fold one thousand cranes

After I done

Miracles will happen

That’s what he told me

I’m still believe in it

Believe in these thousand cranes

And the miracles that these cranes will bring back to me one day

One day soon

Miracles will happen to me

Fold one thousand cranes