Fold one thousand cranes

1.000 colorful cranes

This all happen when I want to make my friend wish come true

A special friend that I always care about

We just like brother and sister those day of childhood

But time change

We both growing up

Now the two of us get less time to meet each other

But we are still best friend

One day

He tells me his wish

His wish is that to see me fold one thousand crane

One thousand crane

My favorite story

When I was small

We use to read this story with each other

He is the person who teach me how to fold a crane

I still remember those days

Those days being with him

And together we fold one thousand cranes

Things are changing

He has to move home

That’s day

I not even stop crying in my room

The last day he spend with me

He asks me to fold one thousand cranes

After I done

Miracles will happen

That’s what he told me

I’m still believe in it

Believe in these thousand cranes

And the miracles that these cranes will bring back to me one day

One day soon

Miracles will happen to me

Fold one thousand cranes